About  SomTales.com

Founded and created by Soma Bose, ‘SomTales’ is the ideal conjunction between the world of lens and pens. The blog is a medium of reflecting thought-provoking human emotions that are woven into the short stories through the expressive images taken by highly passionate photographers. Keeping in mind the specific genre of each of the images, the stories add an edge to the image, allowing one and all to connect with them irrespective of the style and content. Playing with the mix of fiction and reality, Som tales is the destination to sit with a cup of coffee around a serene atmosphere and explore their unexplored self.

About Soma Bose

Born and raised in the quaint coal mining town of Dhanbad , Jharkhand. Soma from her early childhood  spent seeing women covered in coal dust sweating it out while also tending to their little ones lying in makeshift hammocks. This made her sensitive towards her surroundings and ignited in her the spark to write on human centric issues. Her keen eye for detail and creativity helps her create works of fiction to leave a subtle social message. Her scripts have drawn favourable feedbacks from acclaimed film makers and luminaries like Shyam Benegal, Prosenjit and Sonali Bose amongst others. Besides following her passion for writing, Soma spends her time in spiritual pursuits trying to unravel the mysteries of life.