Echoes Continue

A Message from Maa

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Echoes Continue

Sagorika was on the last page of the diary. Now she knew many things that her mother had never told her. Her eyes were moist. She wiped the tears away and made herself a cup of coffee, reading the last few paragraphs that Mohona had written.

Sara, probably our fears reduce with age. What becomes more and more important is to be known—known for all that one did, during one’s brief stay in this world.                                           

I wanted you to know the person that I am. To know Mohona as your mother, but also as more than a mother.

I thought it was important for me to give you that chance. To give you the opportunity to love me for all that I was. Not just what I did for you as my duty.                        

I would be happy if my words can help you in resolving the crisis that you face right now in life. Everything is possible if you sincerely want it to be. Don’t give up; don’t surrender to the situations and circumstances. Try your best to find a solution, and you will surely find one. Remember that whatever eventually happens, I am always there with you, for you.      

I love you the most and I always will. God bless you, my child. 


Sagorika didn’t realise that she had been reading all night. The first light of the rising sun filtered through the blinds. Sagorika kept the diary on the bed and stretched her arms. She got up and raised the blinds, letting the morning sunlight caress her face and body. Perhaps it refreshed her mind as well. Sagorika felt relaxed and confident now. Picking her cell phone, she smiled and dialled Swapan’s number.    

Anupam was settled in his job. Shalini too was at the peak in her business. Being successful in her import business of selling Indian handicrafts and specialty fabrics she was now thinking of diversifying into something new. She decided to launch a baby food brand in India. She easily got the required investment from her sources. With a partner who would ensure distribution, she launched her brand in all major metro cities in India. Anupam tried to caution her that India was a peculiar market; she should tread cautiously. It wouldn’t be prudent or easy to control a business in India remotely from the US. But Shalini ignored his suggestions and went ahead with her venture.                

The launch was successful and the product was appreciated in the market. The sales were good. Shalini’s confidence soared. She felt she was unstoppable. Destiny, however, had other plans.

Photography: @focusraghu_photoartist
Location: Varanasi, India

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