‘Images are worth thousand words they say, and when you add the words to the images it ‘becomes a story’ to be remembered. This is where tales are woven to the reality which makes it a culmination into an orchestral piece of music to the ears.

  • Fearless After Fifty: When Divorce is Not the End but a Beginning
    Social norms are evolving at an unprecedented rate, and women are at the forefront of these changes.Divorce is no longer a taboo in society. Women are increasingly exiting unhappy marriages, regardless of age. Fifty is no longer an […]
  • Time to break the stereotype: A man and a woman can be just friends
    The idea of a man and a woman being just friends still raises eyebrows. Our discomfort around people of the opposite gender shows that we are not as broad-minded as we like to believe. Indeed, most of us […]
  • Friends Forever?
    He almost missed the hut. Navigating the capricious turns of hill roads, it is easy to miss those dust tracks that skulk away from the traffic. The path leading to the hut disappeared into long grasses and wild bushes almost as soon as it appeared. But still, Ashok noticed the narrow trail.
  • Monochrome – a Zebra story
    A young zebra is bored with his father’s unadventurous ways and disobeys him, leaving the herd in anger. He thinks he is on a special quest, but will he get what he’s seeking? Instead, he might learn a deeper truth, finding that he has more in common with his father than their black-and-white stripes. They are of the same colour in more than one way. In what other way are they the same? Find out
  • First Flights
    A little bird wobbled to the edge of her nest. It was a European stonechat. Numerous other birds peeped at her through tree branches. It was time for her first flight. In front: the vast, open sky. A welcoming freedom; an unsettling loneliness.
  • The Sound of Silence
    While Mohona started her journey back home on a boat, Anupam boarded a rickshaw to return to the hotel. Shalini, sitting on her wheelchair in the balcony of her room, kept thinking about Mohona. These three lives were irrevocably intertwined, but not for long.
  • Resonance
    Mohona was taken aback by Anupam’s call. She heard him out patiently, but could say little herself, offering only some words of comfort. Anupam understood. He had expected this.

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