The gradient of the glowing sunshine intertwined with the dusky blue skies, as the sun waved away for the day. The lucid lines of the range mingled with the horizon to create a compelling scene. Overpowering the mystical vista were the four giraffes standing in unison, bowing down their colossal posture to give an ode to mother nature. The four seemed to be bloom of hope in the middle of a lone field. Every sound coming from them signaled an unbreakable bond in the family indicating warmth in their exchange.

The children were chatting among themselves as one of them said, “Look how tall is Maa. She can almost peep into the Moon.” To this, another responded, ”One day we will climb on her neck and take a look too.” Another child interrupted, “Don’t be silly. She’s tall so that she can get us the best leaves from the trees.” The mother, while was enjoying the conversation, was vigilant about her surroundings. She was well aware of the fact that, while, she could easily fulfill the motherly needs of her children with unlimited and unconditional love, she also had to protect them as their father would have done.  

Sometime ago, a mishap happened which changed their lives. The father was killed in a vicious act of arrant barbarism by a cold-hearted lion, during an encounter. And the babies, who had hardly started recognizing their father, were left in an utter state of distraught with their helpless mother. Each of them counted the passing days, as they remembered the last memories of their lost and dead father. Days passed and without realizing, the family matured to the situation they were dealing with. The mother was cautious with every step she took in any direction, while the children followed her to the best of their abilities

The optimality of her attention was redirected towards one of the children, as the little one shouted, “Mother!! I’m feeling thirsty.” The mind of the mother seemed disappointed about not being able to provide her family with all the amenities, but she put on a strong face and answered lovingly, “Come here and take a sip of my milk”. Yearning for milk, the little one ran towards her mother for milk and gulped her thirst away. 

Seeing this, one of the other children felt agitated and said,” Look at that!!! She’s having all the milk and if she goes on, we won’t have any left for dinner.” One of them snapped to the sight, and said, ”Mother, I think it’s pretty clear who you love the most now. You could have just told us, you know. Will you let her have all of it and leave us dry?” 

The mother gave them an embarrassed but loving smile and swerved her neck towards each of the children and gave them a kiss full of her motherly love. “I have enough milk for all of you. Let’s get some leafs and head home.” 

As she was about to reach the nearest tree, the clouds in the horizon came down with a thunderous sound. Their ears shrieked out of fears and hearts skipped a beat. She overarched her neck over the frightened children as she reassured them of her protection. The sight portrayed the arch of love, affection, care and everything else motherhood is symbolized for.

A jolly green and joviality spread around the mere existence of the giraffes as the mother, proven by the direct proportionality between her height and her responsibility, towered over her three kids. 

Photography: Gurcharan Roopra  

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve

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