Out of Tune

A Message from Maa

Out of Tune

Sagorika kept the diary aside and heaved a sigh of relief. Her heart was in her mouth while reading about her mother’s love towards her lover. She felt relieved and grateful for her mother’s choice. It was getting late in the night, but she flipped to the next page of the diary.

“I was standing at a crossroads in my life, Sara. On one side, was a man who loved me with all his heart, and on the other side were your father and you. Yes, Sameer hardly gave us time, but whatever he did was for you and me. Going around the fire and wearing a mangalsutra in front of God from another man… the idea repulsed me like nothing else. I could not do it.

So, it tested me emotionally, but I stepped back. Otherwise, our family would have been affected. You would have been affected the most. I simply couldn’t do that! I remained a true friend and a well-wisher for Anupam, but I couldn’t spare my family for him. Anupam understood my sentiments when I talked to him. He was mature enough to appreciate my decision. Between us, there was trust, love and respect. There was no lust for each other.”

Reading this, Sagorika’s respect for her mother magnified manifold. How did such simplicity and such nobility reside in the same heart?

Both Anupam and Mohona put this episode in their past and moved on, trying to be friends rather than lovers. Anupam even invited Mohona and Sameer to a party at his house, where he introduced Mohona to his wife, Shalini. 

Though Shalini was cordial, Mohona knew she didn’t like her. The vibes were evidently unfriendly. Probably in her heart, Shalini wasn’t comfortable with the fact that Mohona was beautiful and talented. Also, because Anupam praised her talent too much. 

However, the party was not a casual gathering of friends. At the party, Shalini made an announcement. Shalini and Anupam were shifting to the US. 

On the next day, an indignant Mohona had a heated argument with Anupam. She had been betrayed by a personal hero again. Anupam had not shared this news with her privately first. Why did she have to receive such important news in public? Anupam tried to explain: it was Shalini’s decision alone and he was not party to it. He could only offer half-hearted excuses. Mohona told him that he had broken their bond of trust.

Anupam left a deeply hurt Mohona and went off to New York. Shalini had started a business with a partner there, and Anupam had no other option but to tag along. He had just found his feet in the writing business in Mumbai and now he would have to start from square one in a land totally unknown to him. To top it all, he was unsure if his friendship with Mohona would ever be the same. 

Photography: @focusraghu_photoartist
Location: Varanasi, India


mangalsutra: a necklace that signifies a married woman.

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