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Monochrome – a Zebra story

The sun was hovering over the horizon. A herd of zebras was grazing their last meal of the day. However, one little zebra was distracted from food. He was gazing intently at the yellow disc in the sky. Every evening he would watch the sun hide behind the earth, and today he was determined to… Continue reading Monochrome – a Zebra story

Out of Tune

A Message from Maa Out of Tune Sagorika kept the diary aside and heaved a sigh of relief. Her heart was in her mouth while reading about her mother’s love towards her lover. She felt relieved and grateful for her mother’s choice. It was getting late in the night, but she flipped to the next… Continue reading Out of Tune

March 2015, again and beyond

March 2015, again and beyond. Eventually, the determination of the widows of Vrindavan prevailed. Rigid codes of conduct cracked under public pressure. It is Holi in March 2015, Binodini and the widows of Gokul ashram are playing Holi in public at the Gopinath Temple. Jaya and Mita accost Binodini, who looks lost in reminiscence. Wiping… Continue reading March 2015, again and beyond

Aabir – What is Love?

What is love? Despite threats and warnings, Binodini was determined to fight. It was an uphill battle against agelong traditions, and she was just an insignificant individual. Nevertheless, she saw a ray of hope in Somnath Pandit. Gradually, an inexplicable bond grew between Binodini and Mr Pandit. She admired and respected his dedication. He adored… Continue reading Aabir – What is Love?

Aabir -Little playing much fighting

Little playing, much fighting.  Months flew by in setting up the training centre, and before they knew it, Holi arrived in Vrindavan with the vim and vigour of spring. Binodini had just finished her puja of Lord Krishna at the Gokul ashram, when she heard a heated argument outside. As she stepped out of the… Continue reading Aabir -Little playing much fighting

Aabir – Fresh beginnings

Fresh beginnings.  As Binodini began her life in Vrindavan, she realized that life was not easy for the widows there. The city housed more than a lakh widows in its multiple ashrams, where living conditions were not ideal. Though the ashrams were run by various charitable trusts, the tenants had to pay rent, even if… Continue reading Aabir – Fresh beginnings

Aabir – A bride and a widow

A bride and a widow. Binodini’s life changed after marriage. She was now a daughter-in-law. She could no longer be the Binu that she had been in her natal home. Binodini had to constantly be conscious of her conduct. A year passed in getting accustomed to the norms of her new home, and soon the… Continue reading Aabir – A bride and a widow

A Leap of Faith – a Saras Story

Saras cranes fly low, gliding gracefully over the Dhanauri grasslands. Vivid rays of sunshine come down on their salmon-pink bodies. From afar, I see them flapping their wings, enjoying life, their rattling cry a call to dance. When I was living in the Dhanauri grasslands, two Saras cranes came at the lake outside my house every day. Their rusty wash and slate… Continue reading A Leap of Faith – a Saras Story