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Aabir – Learning hope

Learning hope. On 15th August that year, Binodini was asked to sing bhajans at the Independence Day function of the town. The chief guest at the function was a renowned social worker, Mr Somnath Pandit. He had an internationally-reputed NGO that supported marginalized communities, especially women. During his speech, Mr Pandit promised to help improve the… Continue reading Aabir – Learning hope

The Sound of Silence

A Message from Maa The Sound of Silence While Mohona started her journey back home on a boat, Anupam boarded a rickshaw to return to the hotel. Shalini, sitting on her wheelchair in the balcony of her room, kept thinking about Mohona. These three lives were irrevocably intertwined, but not for long. Later that week,… Continue reading The Sound of Silence


A Message from Maa Resonance Mohona was taken aback by Anupam’s call. She heard him out patiently, but could say little herself, offering only some words of comfort. Anupam understood. He had expected this. The next day, Mohona told her father about Anupam’s problem. Her father’s response was surprising. Shashidhar and the spiritual guru had… Continue reading Resonance

Echoes Continue

A Message from Maa Echoes Continue Sagorika was on the last page of the diary. Now she knew many things that her mother had never told her. Her eyes were moist. She wiped the tears away and made herself a cup of coffee, reading the last few paragraphs that Mohona had written. “Sara, probably our… Continue reading Echoes Continue

New Harmonies

A Message from Maa New Harmonies Even as Mohona was suffering the pangs of separation in India, Shalini’s business in America was growing by leaps and bounds. Anupam, however, was struggling. Things were just not going his way. When Mohona had not been able to reach him on call, she had sent him a letter.… Continue reading New Harmonies

Out of Tune

A Message from Maa Out of Tune Sagorika kept the diary aside and heaved a sigh of relief. Her heart was in her mouth while reading about her mother’s love towards her lover. She felt relieved and grateful for her mother’s choice. It was getting late in the night, but she flipped to the next… Continue reading Out of Tune

Music or Noise

A Message from Maa Music or Noise? Sagorika found herself identifying more and more with her mother. Estranged from her husband, in a stranger’s land, Sagorika was a young Mohona. Could she do what her mother had done to find happiness? But what had her mother really done? “Anupam came like a breath of fresh… Continue reading Music or Noise

The Accidental Note

A Message from Maa The Accidental Note Sagorika imagined her mother in a flight to Jaipur: a 30-something Mohona looking radiant despite jitters about a classical performance. In the flight, Mohona met her favourite author, Anupam. Mesmerised by her ethereal beauty and finding her reading a novel written by him, Anupam struck a conversation with… Continue reading The Accidental Note

Solo or Duet?

A Message from Maa Solo or Duet? Half the globe away in New York, in a plush apartment on McDonald Avenue, Sagorika opened a courier that had come from Varanasi. Mohona had sent her a diary—a diary that she wanted her daughter to read. Sagorika was a finance manager, working with one of America’s leading… Continue reading Solo or Duet?