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Social norms are evolving at an unprecedented rate, and women are at the forefront of these changes. Divorce is no longer a taboo in society. Women are increasingly exiting unhappy marriages, regardless of age. Fifty is no longer an age of midlife crisis; it’s a time for midlife experimentation.

Divorce after fifty is not the end of a relationship, but the beginning of a new one. Women today can confidently defy tradition and embrace live-in relationships post-divorce. In doing so, women do not simply imitate the freedoms that men have enjoyed since time immemorial. Instead, they give themselves the chance to find love again—to be happy, again. But most importantly, these trailblazing women set an example for generations to come.

Photo by Lucas Law on Unsplash

For centuries, women’s lives have been defined by their roles as daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. Caught in a whirlwind of responsibility, young women seldom get the chance to explore their interests and longings. As the burdens of home and work lighten after fifty, it’s the best opportunity to rewrite the narrative of life. And many women redesign their lives radically. Their bold pursuit of happiness gives society much food for thought.

Unfazed by people who shame and shun them, fifty-plus women are ushering in an age of relationships based on compatibility and self-worth. After fifty, women are emotionally mature, financially independent, and socially and personally equipped to be completely self-reliant. As they begin to realise the injustices of the institution of marriage, they are secure in themselves and find partners who give them companionship, pleasure, and love, without the confines and compromises of marriage.

Photo by enginakyurt on Unsplash

Indeed, men and women have an equal partnership in highlighting the value of divorce and live-in relationships. With their greater understanding of life and society, over-fifties are leading this change. If you are past fifty, you can no longer hide in the folds of social custom, judging and blaming others. Come out of hiding! We must encourage each other to find happiness, even if in the most untraditional ways. Ultimately, our example must teach our children to not be afraid of change and to never worry about upsetting societal expectations.