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Flights of Fantasy

Dusk descended early on a quaint village, as it was enveloped by dark, wet clouds. A loud crack of thunder gave way to the soothing pitter-patter of raindrops. Abandoning work early, villagers rushed to their cosy, warm homes. However, the birds that still dotted the evening sky weren’t prepared for this sudden darkness. Many were still… Continue reading Flights of Fantasy

The Last Second

Rays from the setting sun streamed through banyan trees, blessing the jungle with an amber glow. Soon, nightfall would cloak the jungle in utter darkness. A tiger prowled in the twilight shadows; dense, thorny bushes camouflaged its ebony stripes. Engrossed in following its prey, the tiger skulked in the gloom, now choosing to hide behind… Continue reading The Last Second

Friends Forever?

He almost missed the hut. Navigating the capricious turns of hill roads, it is easy to miss those dust tracks that skulk away from the traffic. The path leading to the hut disappeared into long grasses and wild bushes almost as soon as it appeared. But still, Ashok noticed the narrow trail. Among the many… Continue reading Friends Forever?

Monochrome – a Zebra story

The sun was hovering over the horizon. A herd of zebras was grazing their last meal of the day. However, one little zebra was distracted from food. He was gazing intently at the yellow disc in the sky. Every evening he would watch the sun hide behind the earth, and today he was determined to… Continue reading Monochrome – a Zebra story

First Flights

First Flights A little bird wobbled to the edge of her nest. It was a European stonechat. Numerous other birds peeped at her through tree branches. It was time for her first flight. In front: the vast, open sky. A welcoming freedom; an unsettling loneliness. Behind: the reassuring eyes of her parents, the cheering calls… Continue reading First Flights

New Harmonies

A Message from Maa New Harmonies Even as Mohona was suffering the pangs of separation in India, Shalini’s business in America was growing by leaps and bounds. Anupam, however, was struggling. Things were just not going his way. When Mohona had not been able to reach him on call, she had sent him a letter.… Continue reading New Harmonies

Aabir – Finale: The story continues…

Finale: The story continues… Some years have passed. Gokul Ashram has grown. It now occupies a new building. As Binodini enters the ashram compound in an auto rickshaw, the watchman salutes her. She has streaks of silver in her hair now. She is also wearing glasses. Walking through the corridor, she is the epitome of… Continue reading Aabir – Finale: The story continues…

Aabir -Little playing much fighting

Little playing, much fighting.  Months flew by in setting up the training centre, and before they knew it, Holi arrived in Vrindavan with the vim and vigour of spring. Binodini had just finished her puja of Lord Krishna at the Gokul ashram, when she heard a heated argument outside. As she stepped out of the… Continue reading Aabir -Little playing much fighting

A Leap of Faith – a Saras Story

Saras cranes fly low, gliding gracefully over the Dhanauri grasslands. Vivid rays of sunshine come down on their salmon-pink bodies. From afar, I see them flapping their wings, enjoying life, their rattling cry a call to dance. When I was living in the Dhanauri grasslands, two Saras cranes came at the lake outside my house every day. Their rusty wash and slate… Continue reading A Leap of Faith – a Saras Story


The gradient of the glowing sunshine intertwined with the dusky blue skies, as the sun waved away for the day. The lucid lines of the range mingled with the horizon to create a compelling scene. Overpowering the mystical vista were the four giraffes standing in unison, bowing down their colossal posture to give an ode to… Continue reading Maa