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Soma's Tales

The Roar Within

Well, there he goes again, leaving his lioness and his own cubs behind. Where does he go? I won’t know. But still after abandoning us for hours in the sweltering sun, he feels entitled to the food I hunt with every inch of my body yearning to take shade under the long thicket leaves of the fever tree.

Maybe that’s why I often get a feel of fever in my body and not because I’m left to eat the leftovers of what remains after he has finished eating. He has never given me the dignity and respect I deserve. Ironically, he’s the king of the jungle. A king, who not only boasts about his power over me but spreads the same message in the rest of the jungle. He’s no king to me, in fact he’s the weakest one out of all us.

However, at the end of the day, I do see a silver lining to my current situation. The frustration present in me is only a jiffy against all the love I receive from my cubs. Those cuddles. Those jovial times, which can turn any frown into a vibrant smile. All those moments are mine.

At least, I won’t be left to stare at a life with only depression and insanity written on it.

The sense of peace and fulfillment in my mind, something the “king” can never understand, is what makes me continue day and night. My little ones are everything for me and no one can stand between the unbreakable bond we share.

Photography by Gurcharan Roopra,

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve