Month: May 2020

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The gradient of the glowing sunshine intertwined with the dusky blue skies, as the sun waved away for the day. The lucid lines of the range mingled with the horizon to create a compelling scene. Overpowering the mystical vista were the four giraffes standing in unison, bowing down their colossal posture to give an ode to… Continue reading Maa

The Roar Within

Well, there he goes again, leaving his lioness and his own cubs behind. Where does he go? I won’t know. But still after abandoning us for hours in the sweltering sun, he feels entitled to the food I hunt with every inch of my body yearning to take shade under the long thicket leaves of the fever tree. Maybe… Continue reading The Roar Within


The sky was sea blue and the sun was bright and warm. Lakshmi and Gajodhar decided to go for a walk with their children, along with their herd, to the forest in the hunt for fruits and flowers. They walked passed the imposing Sal trees and came to a tropical forest, filled with the essence of Mangoes… Continue reading Appa

The King

The “King” of the jungle – the only title I’ve ever harnessed to bring beside my name. The dark silhouette nature of my mane brings forth the identity, which others can only crave for. However, is the identity itself worth? For years, I have satiated myself to sleep as my lioness leaves a part of her pray… Continue reading The King