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Aabir – What is Love?

What is love? Despite threats and warnings, Binodini was determined to fight. It was an uphill battle against agelong traditions, and she was just an insignificant individual. Nevertheless, she saw a ray of hope in Somnath Pandit. Gradually, an inexplicable bond grew between Binodini and Mr Pandit. She admired and respected his dedication. He adored… Continue reading Aabir – What is Love?

Aabir -Little playing much fighting

Little playing, much fighting.  Months flew by in setting up the training centre, and before they knew it, Holi arrived in Vrindavan with the vim and vigour of spring. Binodini had just finished her puja of Lord Krishna at the Gokul ashram, when she heard a heated argument outside. As she stepped out of the… Continue reading Aabir -Little playing much fighting

Aabir – Fresh beginnings

Fresh beginnings.  As Binodini began her life in Vrindavan, she realized that life was not easy for the widows there. The city housed more than a lakh widows in its multiple ashrams, where living conditions were not ideal. Though the ashrams were run by various charitable trusts, the tenants had to pay rent, even if… Continue reading Aabir – Fresh beginnings

Aabir – A bride and a widow

A bride and a widow. Binodini’s life changed after marriage. She was now a daughter-in-law. She could no longer be the Binu that she had been in her natal home. Binodini had to constantly be conscious of her conduct. A year passed in getting accustomed to the norms of her new home, and soon the… Continue reading Aabir – A bride and a widow

Aabir – A girl and her grandmother

A girl and her grandmother. A traditional villa in rural Bengal flashes across Binodini’s memory. It is a large, expansive double-storey mansion with high ceilings and marble floors. Tall circular pillars support the structure. Little Binu of 10 years is running across the balcony. It is that time of the day when her grandmother tells… Continue reading Aabir – A girl and her grandmother

Aabir -Colours of Holi

Prelude: March 2015. The air is filled with colour, thick with aabir or gulaal. Rose and marigold petals waft in this coloured powder. Swaying like these delicate petals is a group of about 200 women. Their white sarees are drenched in coloured water, their faces smeared with aabir. They are dancing in utter self-forgetfulness; some are singing kirtans to Krishna, accompanied by the… Continue reading Aabir -Colours of Holi


The gradient of the glowing sunshine intertwined with the dusky blue skies, as the sun waved away for the day. The lucid lines of the range mingled with the horizon to create a compelling scene. Overpowering the mystical vista were the four giraffes standing in unison, bowing down their colossal posture to give an ode to… Continue reading Maa